Make your own worldwide unique cup noodles! “Cup Noodles Museum Osaka Ikeda”

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"Osaka Ikeda", the city of the world-first instant "Chicken Ramen"

Every year around 100 billion instant Ramen meals are consumed around the world. Did you know that the birthplace of instant Ramen is Osaka?
The "Cup Noodles Museum Osaka Ikeda" is a popular museum which offers a diverse exhibition regarding instant Ramen and allows you to make your own original cup noodles.
Instant Ramen are popular souvenirs but at the Cup Noodles Museum you can create an even more special souvenir.

No reservation required, 300 yen per cup, it takes about 1 hour

You can make your original cup noodles at the "My Cup Noodle Factory".
Let's buy a cup at the vending machine first. This cup is a special version and you can freely draw a picture on the plain back. If you write a message and give it to somebody as a present, this person will certainly be delighted.
After completing the design, go to the counter to make the filling.

Select the soup and ingredients. Around 5460 flavor combinations are possible!

Select your preferred flavor from 4 sorts of soup and 4 toppings from 12 different sorts of toppings. This is an important point for creating originality! By the way you can select the same topping several times. There are also limited versions of toppings.
The famous Hiyoko-chan fish cake can rarely be seen in the standard cup noodles so you might want to add this topping.

Including the package wrapped in plastic film just as it is sold in the stores!

After covering the cup and wrapping it in plastic film your worldwide unique cup noodles are completed!
They can be stored for 1 month.
The air package you can put it into looks like a special bag. There are also many photo spots in the museum so you can take souvenir pictures and boast about them!

Also don't miss the exhibition with fun gadgets

The "My Cup Noodle Factory" is not the Cup Noodle Museum's only highlight.
Among other things there is a model of the research hut of Momofuku Ando who invented instant Ramen, an instant Ramen tunnel where around 800 kinds of packages of different generations line up, the history of Momofuku Ando's invention, a graphical explanation of the development and a theater.
The museum conveys the importance of inventions and discovery in a pleasant way.

Name of the facility Cup Noodles Museum Osaka Ikeda
Address 8-25 Masumicho, Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture
Tell 072-752-3484 (Reception time 9:00 〜 16:30 except on closed days)
Nearest station 5 minutes\' walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Main Line \"Ikeda Station\"
Business hours 9:30 ~ 16:30 (Entry until 15:30)
Regular holiday Every Tuesday (if Tuesday falls on a public holiday, the museum is closed the next day), New Year\'s holidays
Admission fee 【Entrance fee】Free  【My Cup Noodle Factory】300 Yen per cup 【Chicken Ramen Factory】Elementary school students 300 Yen / Junior high school students and above 500 Yen
Remarks You can borrow devices which allow you to listen to an English or Chinese translation for the \"Birthplace of Chicken Ramen\" and the movie at the \"Cup Noodle Drama Theater\".