How to pick a good Takoyaki shop out of tons in Dōtonbori area. The best 3 shops.

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Osaka's soulfood "Takoyaki"

We are sure you've already come across the ward Takoyaki, which is the name of well known Osaka's soul food. This food is probably creating the most pronounced image of Osaka.

Takoyaki is so popular and loved by people living in Osaka, that they even have their own Takoyaki plates to make this soul food at home.

There are so many Takoyaki shops in Osaka that you can find them easily just by walking around a few blocks.

Above all, many Takoyaki shops are gathered along Namba Dotonbori area, which is one of the famous tourist destinations in Osaka.

Here are some of the good Takoyaki stores to try!

Takoyaki shops born in the birthplace of ubiquitous Japanese home food using flour, such as Okonomiyaki.

Achichi Honpo has several stores around in Osaka. This store originated from Nishinari, the birthplace of Osaka's favorite all sorts of flour-based cookings. This store has a long history as the originator of Osaka's Takoyaki culture.

They use traditional iron plates instead of copper plates, which have become commonplace these days!
Also, the octopus they use is so fresh that you can eat it even raw as sashimi!

Out of their menu, the recommendation is "Soy sauce and Mayonnaise"! 500 yen for 9 pieces, comes with marinated gingers and topped with the green onion for free.

You can enjoy the real pleasure of Takoyaki here, which is "the skin is crispy and the middle is soft."
It's delicious even when it cools down quite a bit, so it's perfect as a souvenir as well.

A famous shop with a Michelin history!

Takoyaki Doraku Wanaka has become well know as been listed in the Michelin Bib Gourmand category for three consecutive years.

In their version of Takoyaki, green onions are mixed already in the dough, and use salted ginger instead of the classic red ginger, and "tenkasu", bits of deep-fried tempura batter, to accent the crispy texture!!
It offers the full enjoyment of the flavor and texture of the dough.

The recommendation is "Kettle Salt", 8 pieces for 500 yen!
Again, the skin is crispy and the inside has a fluffy texture.

There is a wide variety of side menu such as octopus crackers!

The longest established shop in Dōtonbori

Honke Otako was founded in 1972 as the originator of Takoyaki culture in Dotonbori!

Their version of Takoyaki holds a big piece of octopus, so big that it sticks out of the ball itself!

There is only one choice for the sauce, which is a classic sauce, and 6 pieces for 450 yen!
The plenty sauce covers the balls but it is less sweet than regular sauce.
The presence of an octopus piece in each ball is overwhelming. Please experience this octopus!

Takoyaki's variation is as many as the number of shops.

Now, do you feel ready to try out some Takoyaki?

There are just too many Takoyaki vendors in Osaka streets, but what's fascinating is each vendor has their own version of it! It's hard to try them all at once though. It may be interesting to go out to find your favorite one among so many.

Hope this guide will help you to enjoy Osaka's soul food to the fullest!

Name of the facility Dōtonbori
Address 1-9 Dōtonbori, Chūō-ku, Osaka-City
Nearest station OsakaMetro各線なんば駅、阪神電車・近鉄 大阪難波駅、南海電鉄なんば駅