Near Tenmabashi Station! Enjoy drinks in the ultimate location at Main Bar Kawamo

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Enjoy drinks at the ultimate location

There is a bar filled with a classy atmosphere--it is Main Bar Kawamo.

Once you step into the space, you can feel how classy the bar is.
Bottles of liquor are lit up deepening the mood even more.

Behind the bar counter, you can admire a stunning view where the sparkling city lights are reflected on the river.

Drinking while looking over at the beautiful night view enhances the taste and experience of drinks.

The realxing atmosphere heals the fatigue from your day

As well as the location, the atmosphere inside the bar is also wonderful!
The seats at the bar counter are perfect for solo visitors and even for couples!
Lined up in front of you, there are various illuminated bottles of liquor which have a relaxing effect as if to heal the fatigue from your day.

There are also spacious box seats where you can enjoy a relaxing time by yourself or with a group.
How about having a special time in a place with an unusual, wonderful setting?

Accommodating your tastes as much as possible

At Main Bar Kawamo, the bartenders prepare various kinds of drinks to your liking.
As well as enjoying cocktails from the menu, try something new and tell your tastes to the bartender and enjoy a perfect drink created just for you.

Whiskey and brandy, wine and beer, cocktails... you might just discover a new favorite drink and taste!

Perfect for parties as well

Main Bar Kawamo is the perfect place to host various parties and special days such as post-wedding parties!

They have a great party menu and various all-you-can-drink courses available which can accommodate various scenarios and occasions.

Superb access!

Main Bar Kawamo is located on the 7th floor of Hotel Osaka Castle, adjacent to Temmabashi Station.
Because it is right next to the station it is really convenient and means you can enjoy drinking until late!

Also, you can casually stop by on your way home or at the end of a day of sightseeing!
Why not stop by at the end of your day or for some final memories of your time in Osaka?

Name of the facility Main Bar Kawamo
Address 7F Osaka Castle Hotel, 1-1 Kyomachi, Temmabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 540-0032
Tell 06-4709-2400
Nearest station Temmabashi Station
Business hours 17:00-23:30
Regular holiday Sundays