A Shrine famous for the God of sake, “Matsunootaisha”

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A local traditional Shrine

Matsunoo Shrine is close to Matsuo Station. The area is called Matsuo, but the Shrine is called Matsunoo Shrine. The main building is made in a special way called Matsuozukuri and has been worshipped by people for a long time.

Sake barrels offered from all over Japan

Matsunoo Shrine is worshipped by many sake makers from around Japan. In November when sake starts to be made, and April when the sake is complete, many sake is offered to the Shrine.

The turtle of good fortune

Turtles are said to bring good luck and a long life. It is said that sake made from the water of the turtle well will not go bad. The God of Matsuo mountain is in the waters of Matsunoo Shrine.

The great garden in the Shrine

There is a garden designed by a famous gardener of the Showa era, Shigemori Mirei. There are many gardens such as gardens with beautiful lines and curves that are expressed with the stones, and a garden which was designed to express an island where a hermit lives.

Bright colored flowers which cover the Shrine grounds

3,000 yamabuki flowers are planted in the Matsunoo Shrine grounds. The flowers are especially beautiful during April~May and the Shrine will be full of bright colors. Many people visit the Shrine during this season to see and take photos of the beautiful view.

Name of the facility Matsunoo Shrine
Address 〒616-0024 3 Arashiyama Miyamachi, Nishikyō-ku, Kyoto
Tell 075-871-5016
Nearest station 1 minute walk from Hankyu line \"Matsunootaisha\" Station
Nearest bus stop City bus \"Matsunootaishamae\"
Business hours Weekday・Saturday 9:00~16:00, Sunday・National Holiday 9:00~16:30
Admission fee Entry fee (Garden, and the statue temple) Adult 500yen Students 400yen Children 300yen