“Jef” A Local Hamburger Shop in Okinawa

Food/Drink Southern Main Island

Pure Okinawa Brand Fast Food

Jef is an Okinawa hamburger shop chain and has 4 shops in Okinawa. The Okinawa's calm and soft atmosphere will welcome you at the shop.

Various Unique Menus!

Their specialities are Nu-yaru Burgers and Goya Burgers. Also square bread sandwiches are available.

Burgers with Okinawa Ingredients

A Japanese omelet with Goya is sandwiched by burger buns. Nu-yaru burger is the goya burger with an addtional spam.

Interesting New Menus

Also trying the new menu is one way to enjoy this shop. There are so many unique burgers such as Shima-tofu and hijiki seaweed burger, rafute-burger, rice balls, etc.

Drive-in Style Imported from America

Jef has the menu and the bell in the parking area. You order from parking area and shop staff will bring the food over to you. Eat inside the car? Take them with you to home? Which ever you want!

Address Okinawa, Tomigusuku City, Tagami 66-1