Taste the fisherman’s dishes! “Itoman Gyomin Shokudo”

Food/Drink Southern Main Island

A shop with a long line

The most popular menu in "Itoman Gyomin Shokudo" is the "Butter grilled fish". A waiting line of the fans of this restaurant appears before the opening time.

Beautiful and clean inside!

Other than table seats, tatami room seats and some private Okinawa limestones are prepared inside the clean spacious inside.

Various menus of fish dishes

So many attractive menus- "Imaiyu (fresh fish) butter grilled set menu", today's set, fish soup, fish soup noodles, sea grapes and tuna's tororo-don sets etc. "Fish soup in an earthenware pot" set in the photo.

Luxurious taste

For the butter grilled fish sets, you can choose the butter sauce from "Aosa butter", "Tofuyo Butter" and "Ukon Butter". The photo is the "Tofuyo butter". Enjoy them on a hot plate!

Appetizers also looking good!

This is an appetizer for the "Imaiyu Butter grilled fish" set. "Shibire soya sauce" on the table matches well. This soy sauce is the original product of this Itoman Gyomin Shokudo restaurant, and you cannot get this anywhere else! The Sansho (Japanese pepper) spice called Fa-ja- is used.

Address Okinawa, Itoman City, Nishizaki Town 4-17
Tell 098-992-7277
Business hours 11:30~15:00(L.O14:30)18:00~22:00(L.O21:30)
Regular holiday Every Tuesdays