Agu no Kakurega Fuchaku Shop, Where You Can Enjoy the Sweet, Savory Flavor of Soft Agu Pork

Food/Drink Northern Main Island

Enjoy the food of Okinawa

Located on National Route 58 along a coast lined with the resort hotels of the village of Onna.
With good access to neighboring hotels, this shop is popular for serving brand-name pork at an affordable price.
The casual atmosphere makes it easy to visit with family.

Agu Pork, the island's treasure

Agu is a small island pig that has been raised in Okinawa for around 600 years.
It is characterized by its soft meat and sweet, savory flavor of its fat.
Widely known as a precious breed of pork, they are small, take time to grow, and are few in number.

Shabu-shabu using entirely Agu pork

The extremely popular all Agu pork shabu-shabu course.
The pork belly, loin, sausage, meatballs, and dumplings are all made with Agu pork.
The island tofu and local vegetables are a delight as well.

Bamboo-steamed oysters

Recommended here are the bamboo-steamed oysters.
This kind of juiciness can only be achieved with bamboo steaming, not to mention how big they are.
The savory flavor contained within spreads throughout the entire mouth after you bite in to these plump oysters.

Live sanshin performance

On odd days, listen to live sanshin performances as you enjoy your meal.
You can request songs or break in during the performance, the entire restaurant coming together as one for fun vacation memories.

Address 1-1, Fuchaku, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0413
Tell 098-975-8808
Business hours 17:00-22:30