Bise Fukugi Tree Road, a Shelterbelt of Trees That Has Protected Settlements from Wind and Harsh Sunlight

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A tree-lined road that brings forth joy

Fukugi is written with the characters for “luck” and “tree”, and the trees here are said to bring happiness, making it a popular spot for wedding photographs.
With dense, dark green foliage and shimmering light pouring through the leaves as they sway in the wind, this area’s beauty is another reason it is so popular.

A stillness, like being lost in the forest

Enter the tree road and time seems to pass more slowly, putting one in a tranquil, relaxed mood.
Visitors here will encounter profound sceneries that will make them stop in their tracks.

The contrast of light and shadow

Fukugi Tree Road is situated along the coast. Veer slightly away from the tree road and enter a path that leads to the nearby sea.
Go through the tunnel of trees, and Ie Island will come into view beyond the dazzling sea.

To protect this landscape

Although this place has become a famous sightseeing spot in recent years, one must not forget that this is a village, with a mix of shops and ordinary households.
Trespassing on private property or homes and taking pictures without permission is a nuisance, not to mention littering.
Understand that this is a place of living for the local residents before strolling around the area.

Ride along in a water buffalo cart

A fun thing to do in Fukugi Tree Road is to ride a buffalo cart as the buffalo swings its mighty horns.
The buffalo cart driver and the buffalo work together in splendid cooperation to easily navigate narrow roads and sharp turns.
Together with the atmosphere of Fukugi Tree Road, this is sure to make your stroll feel even more Okinawan.

Address Bise, motobu-cho, kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0207