Nakijin Castle Ruins, a World Heritage Site and the Largest Castle Ruins in Okinawa with Remaining Walls

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Heiro Gate, the stone gate at the entrance

Stretching straight through the gates is an ascending stone staircase.
This staircase is flanked by hikanzakura cherry trees, in season from January to February.
Paying a visit here when the cherry blossoms are in bloom makes for a spectacular sight.

Hinukan Shrine, a power spot

Exit the garden of the main ward and arrive at the shrine of the fire god Hinukan, a renowned power spot.
Worshipped since ancient times as a god offering thanks to all of Nature’s creation, many locals can be seen paying this shrine a visit.

A long castle wall that looks wonderful up close

In the back of the main ward is a place where the soldiers of royal aides and their families once dwelled.
To the immediate right when descending is the castle wall of Nakijin Castle, said to be impregnable.
It calls to mind the tough, hardy people of those days.

The view looking down from the citadel

The expansive Nakijin Castle was built on high ground.
Across from the castle wall is the beautiful blue sea.
The cry of the Oshima cicada tells the long and moving tale of Okinawa’s history.

A long, continuous wall and the history of Okinawa

The beautifully curved, towering castle walls are about 1.5 kilometers long.
These sturdy, dignified castle walls built with rough mason work somehow feel easygoing and gentle, perhaps from their beautiful, undulating curves.
This deeply moving spot lets visitors feel time immemorial in Okinawa.

Address 5101 Imadomari, Nakijin Village, Kunigami, Okinawa , 905-0428
Tell 0980-56-4400
Nearest bus stop 15 mitutes on foot from the Nakijin-jo-shi Iriguchi Bus stop at Imadomari, Nakijin Village, Motobu Loop Line
Business hours 8:00-18:00
Regular holiday Open Year Round
Admission fee Adult JPY400 Elementary School, Junior/Senior High School Student JPY300 Under Elementary School Age Free Admission