Katsuren castle- the world heritage site excavated ancient Roman currency

Visit Central of main island

One of the oldest castle

Using the different heights of the site, the castle is surrounded with the solid walls and designed especially for protection. Since then, the castle is also known as a citadel of iron walls.

The first barrier tricks

Katsuren castle ruins are inside the section surrounded by kuruwa style walls.
The long staircase to "San-no-kuruwa" was made on purpose to deter enemies by making them climb up a long way and also be able to attack them from above the wall.

Predict the building in those days

"Ni-no-kuruwa" used to be an area for the "Densha" building for public office in those days. There was many pillars lined up above the base stones.

Beautiful and functional staircase

As you go further, the staircase decreases it's width. This was again configured for protection, so the less and less enemies can go up at a time.

360 degrees panorama view

Katsuren castle is located on the top of a mountain, and there's no mountain as high as the castle. 360 degrees panorama view with the Nakagusuku bay and kaichu-doro is enjoyable from the top.

Address Okinawa, Uruma City, Katsuren Haebaru 3908
Tell 098-978-7373
Business hours Nothing particular (※Mind your steps for sightseeing in the dark at night)
Regular holiday No holidays
Admission fee Free