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Did you know that a free guide is available in the most popular Okinawa sightseeing spot Shurijo castle? 6 times a day for about 50 minutes per course. The meeting up will be at the South entrance on right hand side of the main castle after the entrance.

The throne of the king "Usasuka"

The main castle consists of 3 floors. The 1st floor for the king's office, 2nd floor for any ceremonies for king's family and women servant. 3rd floor was just an attic for ventilation.

Dragons everywhere- check out their nails

Chinese dragons has 5 nails and Japanese ones has 3. For Okinawan dragons, they have 4 nails.
Many theories are said for this fact: Because China recognized Okinawa Ryukyu Kingdom as a higher positioned kingdom than the main island of Japan? Because Ryukyu wanted to be familiar with China? Mystery still unsolved.

A studying room for King's daily work

"Uchironoma" was a room to serve tea for guests. It is nice to look around this gorgeous rooms, but even better with some guide explanations.

Enjoy the Ryukyu snacks and tea in Sasunoma

You can try how the honored guests in the past time was treated with Ryukyu sweets and tea in the Sasunoma
room. From left in the photo, hana-bouru, chirunko, kunpen and chinsuko. Let's have a relaxing time like a guest with the garden view.

Address Okinawa, Naha City, Shuri Kinjo cho 1-2
Tell 098-886-2020
Nearest station 15 minutes walk from \"Shuri Station\" to Shureimon gate.
Nearest bus stop 1 minute walk to the Shureimon gate from \"Shurijo-mae\" Bus stop, 5 minutes walk from \"Shurijo koen iriguchi\" bus stop
Business hours 【Free Area】[Opening]8:00 [Closing]Depending on seasons(Between 18:30~20:30)【Paid Area】[Opening]8:30 [Closing]Depending on seasons(Between 18:00~20:00)
Regular holiday For paid area and Suimui-kan, The first wednesday in July and the next day.
Admission fee 【For Paid Area】Adults 850 yen、High School Students 620yen、Primary~Middle School Students 310 yen、Free for children under 6 ※ Free areas are also available