The Most Beautiful Limestone Cave in the Orient “Gyokusendo”

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Underground Museum in the Nature

"Gyokusendo" is one of the Japan's largest limestone caves. It's located inside the theme park in Nanjo city, "Okinawa World". Out of 5000 meters cave, only 890 meters are open to the public.

1 million stalactites

Over a million stalactites are contained inside this 300 thousand years old cave. The photo is "Ceiling of the Spears", with approximately 20 thousand stalactites.


Ryujin-no-ike Pond with beautiful white stalactites. The unique names for each spots increases our imagination.

A Golden Goblet

A huge stalactite (2.5m height and 31m outer circumference) is like a golden goblet. This is the beauty of nature formative art.

Illusionary glowing Fountain of Blue

Stalactites are keep growing until today. Feel with your whole body the great nature in the echoing dripping sound of water from ceiling.

Address Okinawa, Nanjo City, Tamagusuku Maekawa 1336
Tell 098-949-7421
Business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday No Holidays
Admission fee Free pass 1650 yen (Gyokusendo & Kingdom Village 1240 yen, Kingdom Village・Habu Museum Park 650 yen each)