Enjoy an Active Vacation Kayaking on the Hija River with Blue Field

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Experience the nature of Okinawa

Why not take a break from sightseeing to enjoy a two-hour adventure in the natural environment of Okinawa?
Easily accessible, Blue Field takes you on casual mangrove kayak tours.

Kayaking around the mangrove

Hija River is teeming with diverse and unique fauna, letting visitors encounter crabs, gobies, waterfowl, and, with luck, mongoose and kingfishers.
With calm currents and little effect from wind, anyone from children to seniors can enjoy kayaking with peace of mind.

Light through gaps in the trees

Mangrove is not the name of a tree, but rather a group of plants that dwell near coasts and estuaries that are exposed to the rise and fall of tides.
At Hija River, they are working to protect the mangrove as well as planting forests and carrying out other conservation activities.

Protect and grow to pass on to the next generation

In Japan, mangroves can be found only in one part of Kagoshima Prefecture and Okinawa.
The shoots of a cute, young mangrove, only a few years old.
One imagines it growing up quickly and hopes that the natural environment of Okinawa will be protected forever.

Hija River power spot

Pass through a natural tunnel created by the mangrove, follow the waterfowl, and go up the river.
A spirit is said to dwell within the giant banyan tree, which stands out among the myriad mangrove trees, creating an atmosphere of the sacred.

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