Yaharazukasa- a sacred place made by god Amamikiyo

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Amamikiyo- the creator deity of Ryukyu myths

In Okinawa myths, the supreme god of Ryukyu ordered the creator deity Amamikiyo to create an island and a kingdom on the Ryukyu site. Yaharazukasa is the place where Amamikiyo took her first step on the main island of Okinawa from Kutaka Island.

Hamaga-utaki, Amamikiyo's temporary residence

Near Yaharazuka, there is a place where Amamikiyo made her temporary residence called "Hamaga-Utaki". "Hamaga" is a name for spring water near by the sea. It is said that she healed herself by this water and lived in this cave for a while before moving to the next place.

From a green forest to a blue ocean and beach

Take stone stairs to go down to the beach from Hamaga-Utaki. Komorebi (filtered sunlight through tree branches) is so relaxing and calm, but mind your steps at this rough road.

A stone monument appears in the blue sea

The stone monument in the blue sea is Yaharazukasa. It appears and disappears due to the tide. You can only pray them close during the low tide.

A sacred place

This is Yaharazukasa in the low tide. Pure sand, calm wave and a monument further. On the left hand side, sacred island Kudaka also can be seen. When you go for sightseeing to this place, please be careful not to interrupt worshipping people.

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