5 Best Snorkeling Spots within 1 hour from Naha City

Activities / Play Southern Main Island

Bibibeach (Itoman City)

Bibibeach is located in Southern area of Naha city called Itoman city, Nishizaki. Very organized with shops, shower rooms and one coin parking area. This beach shallow and clean as fish is visible until the edge of wave. Life guards will be always at the beach. This place is highly recommended for visitors with kids for these reasons.

Azama Sun Sun Beach (Nanjo City)

Azama Sun Sun Beach is the beach with perfect depth for snorkeling (lower than adults average hight), and located near Se-fa-utaki and Chinen Misaki. This is what we call "Okinawa's sea" with widely spread white sand beach. There are shops and parking lots. You can easily spend a whole day here.

Mi-baru Beach (Nanjo City)

Mi-baru beach has white sand beach continues nearly 1 km, and also an unique view with impressive rocks and sea. This is a hidden beach where you can enjoy snorkeling and the other water activities fully.

Naminoue Beach (Naha City)

"Naminoue Beach" is a hidden spot you can access easily by walk from Naha city. A pleasant spot where you can enjoy snorkeling by just walking 15 minutes from Yui-rail Asahibashi station. Snorkeling spots are located in left hand side, and behind the beach is Naminoue shrine.

Odo Beach (John Manjiro Beach) (Itoman City)

"Odo Beach" in Itoman city is also called as "John Manjiro Beach" and loved by local people. Car parking is free and small anemone fish and Pearl-spot chromis will be waiting for you in between rocks. Don't forget to bring your comfortable shoes since you need to walk over rocky spots to reach the beach.

Address Bibibeach: Itoman city, Nishizaki-cho, 1-6-15 Azama Sun Sun Beach: Nanjo city, Chinen Azama 114-3 Mi-baru Beach: Nanjo city, Tamagusuku Hyakuna 1599-6 Naminoue Beach: Naha city, Tsuji 3-3-1 Odo Beach: Itoman city, Odo 243