Popular in Osaka ”Experience Escaping Game”『escape osaka』

Experience Southern Osaka (Namba・Dotonbori・Shinsaibashi) area

『escape osaka』in Osaka city, Naniwa ward

You can try escaping game following an interesting story line about unnatural phenomenon happened to a monk 100 years ago inside carefully planned, creatively puzzled room.

Questionnaires in『escape osaka』are made to be solved by all the clues provided so it doesn't requires you any background knowledge.

【Foreign Languages Available】Escape before the time limit!

English, Chinese and Korean courses are prepared, so non-Japanese can also enjoy them fully!
Please invite your friends, girl/boyfriend, family since it's difficult to clear the stage by yourself.
The course requires 1~1.5 hours.
Will you be able to solve and escape before the time limit?

Attractions of『escape osaka』

The great thing about 『escape osaka』is that they do not require any background knowledge so everybody can enjoy.
There's clues everywhere inside the room, so there is enough chance for beginners to complete the game.
You need to be in a team, take each others hand to solve it fast. Great opportunity to make bond stronger as a team!

Tips for smooth game

To solve the problem, the most important part is to find the clue hidden inside the room.
You need to lead the answer from several clues, so the best strategy is to observe details in the room , not to think too deeply in one spot. Too deep thoughts can be dangerous!
Take all the clues easy, and that will lead you to the answer.

Evolving escape game

『escape osaka』is very well planned and considered how the participants can enjoy.
There are many interesting points that you cannot experience other place.
Please try it if you want to have an interesting memories in Osaka!

Name of the facility escape osaka
Address Osaka city, Naniwa-ku, Shikitsunishi 1-6-17
Tell 080-4451-5539
Nearest station 7 minutes walk from Osaka metro “Daikoku-cho” station
Business hours 10:00-20:00
Admission fee 2 people = ¥9000 、3 people = ¥12000 、4 people = ¥15000 、5 people = ¥17500、6 people = ¥19500