Authentic Soba making experience from the scratch at『Soba Making Experience JIN』in Osaka!

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The charm of Soba

You can eat delicious Soba throughout the year including the chilly and cold "Zaru Soba" in summer and the "Warm Soba" in winter and they are popular among men and women of all ages from children to elderly people.
Moreover the superstition of eating of "New Year Toshikoshi Soba" in Japan for Omisoka (December 31) has become a tradition of the end of the year.
There are various kinds of Soba including "Ni-hachi Soba" and "Juwari Soba" and the Soba you can experience here are "Ni-hachi Soba".

The charm of the Soba making experience

At "Soba Making Experience JIN" you do not simply make Soba, but you can make authentic self-made Soba from scratch.
The recipe is thoroughly explained one-to-one so those who make Soba for the first time can relax and enjoy their experience.
For participants from overseas a sample is shown prior to the experience and the recipe is explained using gestures.
There is no multilingual support but the charm of the Soba making experience is that you can enjoy it sufficiently even without understanding the words.

『Making Soba』can be enjoyed regardless of the age

During the first stages of the Soba making process, "adding water" and "kneading", you mix the buckwheat flour​ with water and knead it. This is quite similar to playing with clay in childhood times and some people feel very nostalgic. After the dough is ready it is stretched with a rolling pin called "noshibo" and you will be surprised as the dough stretches more than you think!

A specialty of 『Soba Making Experience JIN』for the customers' pleasure

At "Soba Making Experience JIN" you do not only enjoy the experience but also use high-quality buckwheat flour​ from Hokkaido.
To make your self-made Soba more delicious even the "buckwheat flour" is special!
This conveys "Soba Making Experience JIN"'s thought "consistency of the experience from making to eating"!

The more you know the more profound『Soba making』

The taste of Soba not only varies depending on the ingredients and the maker's skills but also depending on the temperature and level of humidity at the time of making.
In addition even at the same place and using the same ingredients the taste will also vary according to the warmth of the maker's hands and the way of making it.
In other words it is no exaggeration to say that on one occasion there won't be any completely similar Soba!

This is why you can feel the extend of skills of those craftsmen who make them as uniform as possible and the more you know about Soba the more you can sense the profundity with your body.

Name of the facility Soba Making Experience JIN
Address Okuno Building 305, 4-4 Miyamotocho, Kita Ward, Sakai City
Tell 090-3862-1895
Nearest station Osaka Metro Midosuji Line \"Kitahanada\" Station▶ 3 minutes\' walk
Business hours 【Reservation-only】Morning: AM 10:00~ / Afternoon: PM 2:00~
Admission fee 1 person: 3,500 yen~ (tax not included) ※The price varies depending on the number of persons.
Remarks 【Reservation via the homepage】※Notice※ The number of persons per one experience is limited to 2 adults. For more persons consultation is required.