Magic Show Full of Surprise and Laughters!【Magic Lab】

Experience Southern Osaka (Namba・Dotonbori・Shinsaibashi) area

What is "Magic Lab"?

Magic Lab is a small theatre only opens on Sundays.
Tourists from outside Japan also can enjoy in English/Chinese/Spanish etc.
This is a magic show not only to show, but to laugh and have fun together with viewers in a very close distance.
We guarantee that you will surprise to the magic technique and performance of two magicians!

Performing Magicians

Two magicians will perform in this Magic Lab show.
Surprisingly, "Mr. Jonio" is a champion magician in Japan. The performance using his unique beard and his creative magic world attracts viewers.
"Mr. Ben" is a magician from London and speaks 5 languages. His comical exciting shows cannot be missed!
Enjoy their funny, surprising and moving magical time with two of them!

Their Motto

Magic shows in Magic Lab happens in a very close distance ("Close-up Magic"). Since then, performers sensors the viewer's reaction and creates enjoyable space for every single customers.
Two magician says "The viewers has a very important role in this show. The biggest difference between the close-up magic and the stage magic is that the communications between customers and performers are directly reflected to the show.

Magic keeps Evolving

Magic they show changes depending on customers on that day, so it is enjoyable for everyone.
They consider deeply about the program each day. For example, they add some magic program for children when customers with kids are there.

Enjoy your time in Magic Lab!

Time flies in this interesting magic show. One and a half hours passes in unbelievable speed.
Never seen a magic show live? You're a trainee magician? Everybody should visit their show once.

Name of the facility Magic Lab
Address Osaka City, Chuo Ward, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 2-16-13
Tell 090-6707-2900
Nearest station 4 minutes walk from Subway Namba Station Exit 25/​4 minutes walk from Subway Yotsubashi Station Exit 2/6 minutes walk from Subway Shinsaibashi Station Exit 8
Business hours 【Only on Sundays】 1st Show・・・17:00~18:30/2nd Show・・・19:00~20:30
Regular holiday Everyday except Sunday
Admission fee Adults:¥3000 (with one drink) Children:¥2000 (with one drink)