Top 5 fireworks festivals in Osaka 2018

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#1 Tenjin Festival Dedicated Fireworks (Miyakojima-ku; 5,000 fireworks)

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【Expected Turnout】1,300,000 people
One of top three festivals in Japan. The water parade and dynamic fireworks in the Osaka night sky is an amazing combination.
【Planned days for 2018】July 25 (Wed) PM7:30~PM9:00
【Place】Kawasaki Park, Sakuranomiya Park
【Transportation】2 minutes from Sakuranomiya station (west exit); 5 minutes from Temmabashi (Keihan, Osaka city subway)

#2 Naniwa Yodo Fireworks festival (Yodogawa-ku; 20,000 fireworks)

【Expected Turnout】530,000 people
A "handmade firework festival" organized by local volunteer staff who love Yodo-river
【Planned days for 2018】Aug 4 (Sat) PM7:40~PM8:40
【Place】Downstream of Shinmidosuji Yodo river rail bridge
【Transportation】15 minutes from Tsukamoto station (JR Tokai mainline) and Juso station (Hankyu Kobe line); 20 minutes from Umeda Station

#3 Kyoso Festival PL Fireworks (Tondabayashi-shi; 20,000 fireworks)

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【Expected Turnout】250,000 people
One of Osaka's largest fireworks festival hosted by the Church of Perfect Liberty. The fireworks produce a booming sound and light the night sky like daytime.
【Planned days for 2018】Aug 1 (Wed) PM8:00~PM8:40
【Place】Kokyu Country Club
【Transportation】15 minutes from Tondabayashi Station (Kintetsu Nagano line, north exit)

#4 Senshu Lights and Sound Dream Fireworks (Sennan-shi; 20,000 fireworks)

【Expected Turnout】200,000 people
At the "The Second Osaka Senshu Summer Festival", the ending of both days is the most exciting part!
A new kind of musical fireworks festival combining fireworks, music and latest technology.
【Planned days for 2018】Sep 1 (Sat) and 2 (Sun) PM8:00-PM9:00 *Cancelled if heavy rain
【Place】Rinku-minamihama Park (address: Rinku-minamihama, Sennan, Osaka Prefecture)
【Transportation】8 minutes from Okadaura Station (Nankai main line) 

#5 Inagawa Fireworks (Ikeda-shi and Kawanishi-shi; 4,000 fireworks)

【Expected Turnout】124,000 people
"Inagawa Fireworks festival"
A fireworks festival run by Osaka prefecture, Ikeda-shi and Hyogo prefecture, Kawanishi-shi
【Planned days for 2018】Aug 18 (Sat) PM7:20~PM8:20
【Place】Inagawa river riverside, Momozono iccho-me, nicho-me, Ikeda-shi, Osaka Prefecture
【Transportation】10 minutes from Ikeda Station, 15 minutes from Kawanishi Ikeda Station JR Takarazuka line