Higashitennou Okazaki-jinja Shrine, a Shrine where cute rabbits wait for you

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The Chinjyu no Yashiro and rabbits

One step inside the gateway of Okazaki Shrine, you won't believe how quiet the place is compared to the street right next to its grounds.

Many wild rabbits used to live in this place and therefore at this Shrine, rabbits are thought to be a messenger of God that brings safe birth.

The kind eyes of the rabbit

A rabbit welcome you at the Shrine. Many visitors pat the head of the rabbit praying for good luck and peace for their family.

The calling rabbit

In front of the main building there are 2 rabbits that are waving to the visitors to come and worship the Shrine.

The rabbit on the left is said to bring good match for marriage and the rabbit on the right brings luck for money.

The black Rabbit that brings babies

The black rabbit that looks up to the moon is said to have power for being blessed with a baby and also safe birth.

It has a cute round tummy, and people pray for their luck by pouring water over its head.

The little rabbits in a line

The small rabbits all have a O-mikuji (oracle) inside of their bodies. The reason why they are lined up is because many visitors left their rabbits behind without taking them back home.

Okazaki Shrine is also popular for its charms and other goods that have a rabbit design on them.

Address 〒606-8332 Kyoto Kyotoshi Sakyokuokazaki Higashitennoucho 51
Tell 075-771-1963
Nearest station Subway Tozai Line Keage Keihan Jinguumarutamachi Station
Nearest bus stop City Bus No.32,203,93,204 get off at Okazakijinjyamae, City bus no.5 get off at Higashitennoumachi bus station
Business hours 9:00-17:00
Regular holiday None
Admission fee None