Fresh fish market from Tomari port in Naha “Tomari Iyumachi”

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24 shops in the market

"Tomari Iyumachi Market" is adjusted to the Tomari fishing port. "Iyu" is a word for "fresh fish". Sushi, sashimi, Ise lobsters, oysters and many Okinawa local fish is lined up at the market. It is a great fun to do fish shopping by communicating with shop staffs.

Okinawa specialty Tunas

The volume of fish catches in Okinawa is the 3rd in Japan, 53% of them are fresh tuna. Since then, many tunas are available in the market. Let's try the sushi and sashimi packs at the table in the most fresh condition as possible.

And the others

Of course, not only tunas, but also various other kinds of sashimis: octopus, shrimps, oysters and etc. are available. Some shops sell grilled oysters.

Let's eat in Maguro Hompo!

"Maguro hompo" is the only canteen in Tomari Iyumachi. The photo is the tuna donburi dish, for surprising price of 500 yen!
You can choose from Ikasumi (Squid ink), Arajiru (roughly prepared), and a-sa- for miso soups. Choice for rice is between white natural rice or sushi vinegar seasoned rice.

Feel the real work of the market at the processing plant

You can have a look inside the processing plant through the window. If you are lucky, you might encounter the energetic fish dismantling scene.

Address Naha City, Minato machi 1-1-8
Tell 098-868-1096
Business hours 6:00~18:00