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Activities / Play Northern Main Island

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This is a marine sports field with emerald blue ocean in Kouri Island. Parking areas, changing rooms and shower rooms are fully equipped so you can enjoy your sports time without any worries.

Popular Kouri Island tour plan

The most popular plan is the tour course around Kouri Island by jet skiing, with a banana boat or a big marble! Special experience such as watching heart rock from the other side, going under the Kouri bridge is waiting for you.

With snorkeling

8 special snorkeling points are available only in this COCONUTS CLUB. Depending on the weather of the day, three spots will be chosen for the tour. Additional tour around Kouri Island is also available.

Jet ski touring

This is the tour going around photo snap points, view points and private beach only accessible by boat using jet cruiser (up to 3 people in one car). Instructor will show you the way.

Also paddle boats and pedal boats.

Choose the activities such as big marbles, banana boats and standup puddle much as you want! We also recommend the pedaling boat which is rare in Japan.

Address Okinawa, Nakijin son, Kouri 355
Tell 098-056-5723
Business hours Weekdays: 10:00~18:00/ Weekends: 10:00~18:00
Remarks Reservation is available 24 hours from website.