Ocean Blue from a Dessert Island “Komaka”-Only 15 Minutes from the Main Island

Visit / Play Southern Main Island

Southern Dessert Island!

It takes 15 minutes by a ship from Nanjo city to the Island. It is an easy access dessert island that you can visit while your sightseeing in Nanjo City.

Boats are Frequently Departing

You can reach to Komaka Island by the boat departing from "Chinen Kaiyo Leisure Center". Since the fishing boat type is used for access, you will feel the refreshing sea surface closer than usual boat.

Tropical Fish in Transparent Water

Shallow beach and rocks will appear in front of you. Transparence of the sea will get lost at the point around buoy. Anemone fish will be around buoy too.

Do Not Miss the View from the Hill

The length of circumference of the Island is only 800m, but the appearance of island is wild with rocks and green plants. Exploring around the island is also a lot of fun!

There will be small space for shade. We recommend you to rent a parasol.

There will be toilet in the island, but no shops and rental stores. Please make sure you prepare everything at the leisure centre in advance. Also please apply here for the BBQs.

Address Okinawa, Nanjo City, Chinen Kudeken 676, Chinen Kaiyo Leisure Center (Departure point for ships)
Admission fee Return Boat Tickets Price: Adults 2500 yen Children 1250 yen