An Important Cultural Property “The Nakamura House”, a culmination of Okinawa building techniques

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The oldest existing residential house in Okinawa

The entrance is not a gate, but a blindfold fence called "Hinpun" which also has a meaning of a talisman. Surrounded by stone walls and Garcinia for windbreakers to be resistant to typhoons.

Red tiles and shi-sa on the roof

Okinawa distinctive Shi-sa- and red tiles are used for the roof. The bamboo roofing structure is visible from the low angle of amahaji (the thrusted roof parts) and proofs how the ventilation was carefully calculated.

A family buddhist altar is centered to appreciate the ancestors

The photo shows the Ichibanza (Guest room) in the Omoya main building. The left hand side room was called Nibanza ( Buddhist altar room), then Sanbanza (living room) in a row. The further Uraza was used as a bed room and a maternity room.

How to spend summer in Okinawa

This is the bedroom "Okuza". Above the hanging scroll was a vent hole to make the room breathable. All of these techniques are invented to survive in the era without any air conditioners in Okinawa.

Hinukan is enshrined in the kitchen

Hinukan (the god of fire) is a folk belief protected and passed down by women. So many Okinawa culture can be seen in once in this house- such as pots for vintage awamori and agricultural pens, and lots of others.

Address Okinawa, Kita-naka-gusuku-son, O-gusuku 106
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