Island vegetables cafe “Ohana shokudo” colors your heart

Food/Drink Central of main island

Kawaii shop like an toy box with baby pink interiors

"Ohana shokudo" is such a feminine and cute cafe with pink interiors and a shelf with books and general items nicely exhibited.

Owner is a food stylist

Island vegetables, island tofu, soki... Dishes are made with Okinawa ingredients and natural seasonings. Plates in this cafe satisfies your appetite and your heart with the beautiful decorations.

Recommended menu "carabara gohan"

"Cara-bara gohan" cheers you up with colorful seasonal Okinawa vegetables and fruits. Dessert comes with this nutritious and well balanced plate, and only costs 1000 yen in total.

Juicy and melting so-ki don

"Ohana shokudo specialty Soki-don" is the bowl with rice and topping of Soki stewed with soya sauce, black vinegar and wine. It tastes like the beef stew!

Cute items and snacks!

Cute cookies and items inside the shops are for sale. "Iroiro cookie" doesn't include any eggs, dairy products and white sugar. Plum liquors are home made. This is a cafe warms up you heart, and gentle for your body.

Address Okinawa, Uruma City, Ishikawa Akebono 1-2-17
Tell 098-989-5197
Business hours 11:30〜20:00(LO)
Regular holiday Tuesday~Friday (Some weekends are temporary closed)