Enjoy the view and Stone Walls in World Heritage Site “Nakagusuku Castle Ruins”

Visit Central of main island

Vast castle ruins

Nakagusuku castle is a castle built on ridge line of the mountains. The castle remains are preserved impressively in area size of over 110 thousand ㎡.

See the development of stone wall techniques

To build stone walls, Nozura-zumi method (piling up stones in natural shapes), Nuno-zumi method ( piling up the square shaped stones), and most high technique method "Aikata zumi" is used.

Great Well "Uhuga"

Although it was built on top of the hill, well was also made for water supply in case of battles. It explains how water was important to survive in a long term war. Well was set by the stone staircase.

8 Worshipping Spots

This place in photo is for worshipping Shuri king from afar in ancient times. Also places for worshipping Amagoinu-utaki (for rain) and Kudaka in Okinawa myth is near by.

Feel the history of Okinawa

This is one of the biggest room in the castle. You can feel the breeze of historical Okinawa with a beautiful ocean view and beautifully patterned stone walls.

Address Okinawa, Nakagami-gun, Kitanakagusuku-son, Ogusuku 503
Tell 098-935-5719
Business hours 8:30~17:00 (Closes at 18:00 from May to September)
Regular holiday No holidays (Depending on weather and condition of the castle ruins, viewing might be regulated.
Admission fee Adults 400 yen, Middle~High School Students 300 Yen, Primary School Children 200 yen