Enjoy an old town in Naha. Let’s “Senbero”!

Food/Drink Naha

What is Senbero?

"Senbero" is a word meaning " Enjoying varieties of foods and drinks for 1000 yen". There are many places you can enjoy "Senbero" in the main Kokusai street. Fish, steak, takoyaki, each shop has their unique "Senbero" menus and enjoyed by many people, day and night.

The center of Senbero boom "Adachiya"

"Adachiya" is one of the first place introduced the "Senbero" system. Here, you can enjoy 3 drinks and 4 katsu sticks or motsu-stew! ◯Adachiya: Okinawa, Naha city, Matsuo, 2-10-20 1F/ Phone number: 098-869-8040

Why not drink from the morning? Adachiya morning menu

Morning menus are also available in Adachiya! 1000 yen for 2 drinks and 3 mezashi fish.( 6AM~10AM )

Where the fish Senbero course is available-"Uotomo"

1000 yen course in Uotomo includes 2 glass of beer (you can also change them to awamori or highball) and 3 types sashimi assort. ◯Uotomo: Okinawa, Naha city, Matsuo, 2 cho-me 9-15 10AM~18AM (Fixed Holidays: Sundays)

Takoya Honten has senbero course with takoyaki

Senbero in Takoya Honten includes 3 drinks with takoyaki or grilled squid. These dishes matches perfectly with sake! ◯Takoya Honten : Okinawa, Naha City, Matsuo 2 cho-me 22-17 13:00~21:00 (Fixed Holidays: Mondays)