“Oinarian” From Okinawa Style Inari and Chicken Shop “Maruichi-Shokuhin”

Food/Drink / Shopping Central of main island

"Oinari" in Okinawa

"Oinari" is a name for Inari Sushi. Okinawa Oinari has different colors and tastes compared to Oinari in main island of Japan with less vinegar and softer taste.

Oinari and Chicken for Parties in Okinawa!

Combination of "Oinari and Chicken" is the major menu for parties in Okinawa. There are even some special shops only for that combination menu.

Maruichi-Shokuhin in middle part of Okinawa

Inari-sushi and Chicken speciality shop "Maruichi-Shokuhin" with it's symbol yellow roof. You can get them reasonably in 2 branch shops in Uruma City.

Visit "Oinarian" in Ginowan

This is a trendy "Oinari and Chicken" shop "Oinarian". They also participates in many events.

Oinari and Chicken in Shi-mi-festival

When you visit a grave in Okinawa (Shi-mi-Festival), bringing this Oinari and chicken dish is the major style. How about getting this Oinari and chicken set and try this unique Okinawa festival mood ?

Address 【Maruichi-Shokuhin Head Store】Uruma City, Katsuren Heshikiya 336【丸Maruichi-Shokuhin Shioya Branch】Uruma City, Shioya 494-6 【Oinarian】Ginowan City, Ooyama 6-46-3 
Tell 【Maruichi-Shokuhin Head Store】098-978-3257 【Maruichi-Shokuhin Shioya Branch】098-974-5550 【Oinarian】098-963-9989 
Business hours 【Maruichi-Shokuhin Head Store/Shioya Branch】9:00~17:00【Oinarian】9:00~19:00 (Closing after sold out)
Regular holiday 【Maruichi-Shokuhin Head Store/Shioya Branch】Mondays 【Oinarian】Tuesdays
Remarks ※The map shows Maruichi-Shokuhin