Kominka Soba-Ya Fukugi, Traditional Okinawan Soba in an Authentic Traditional Okinawan House

Food/Drink Northern Main Island

A traditional red-tiled house with Shisa lions watching over

Kominka Soba-Ya Fukugi is located near Manzamo, one of Okinawa’s quintessential sightseeing spots.
Enjoy simple, old-fashioned Okinawan soba in an authentic traditional house over 80 years old.

This is Okinawan soba! Boned rib soba

Limited to 20 plates per day, the boned-rib soba is classic Okinawan soba.
This is a simple plate topped with pork belly called boned rib and kamaboko.
The highly fragrant, transparent Japanese-style broth will make you want to drink it down to the last drop.

The nostalgic interior

The mood here is reminiscent of visiting a grandparent or relative’s house during summer vacation as a child.
It feels mysteriously nostalgic, despite being your first visit.
You almost start to say, "I'm home!"

Soki soba and jushi (Okinawan rice porridge)

Limited to 20 plates per day, the soki soba is topped with bone-in pork ribs.
The carefully stewed soki seems to melt in your mouth.
Limited to 10 plates per day, the jushi, or Okinawan rice porridge, has a mild flavor and is very popular.

See, eat, and feel Okinawa

The interior of this shop, which is in a building that has existed since before World War II, keeps alive the old spirit of Okinawa.
Decorated with carefully preserved kimonos, sanshin, and Ryukyu temari (thread balls), this shop emanates all things Okinawa.
The ambiance of the traditional old-style house makes the flavors at this nostalgic shop even more profound.

Address 2823, Onna, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0411
Tell 098-966-2955
Business hours 11:00-14:00 *Limited Supply
Regular holiday every thursday