Sumanume- Enjoy Okinawa Soba noodles at an old traditional house

Food/Drink Southern Main Island

Popular Okinawa Soba noodle restaurant at an old style house

A bit difficult to find this place since this old Okinawa style house has blended perfectly with this residential area townscape. You can barely recognize this place as a restaurant. The mysterious shop name Sumanumae means "In front of the Shioma family's house".

Handmade shisa says hello to you

There is a parking area for 5 cars, but pay attention since this is not located in front of the shop. You will welcomed by many handmade shisas, and follow the path in the green garden to the shop.

Inside or outside? Choose your seat

Some outdoor seats surrounded by green natures, and spacious indoor tatami room seats further. The atmosphere reproduces exactly the traditional old Okinawan style house. They do not have any entrance, so enter from the veranda.

Reasonable and stuffing!

Definitely the recommendation is the "Special Soba noodles". Noodle with Tebichi, pork and Soki topping for only 700 yen! Have them with Juushi (seasoned rice 150 yen) to satisfy your heart and stomach.

Addictive juicy meats and light tasty soup

Slightly thin and straight noodles compared to the other Okinawa soba, soft and juicy meat toppings with light soup...Impossible to stop eating them. We recommend you to visit this popular restaurant avoiding the peak time around noon. But not too late, they might get closed after getting completely sold out.

Address Okinawa, Naha City Kokuba 40-1
Tell 098-834-7428
Business hours Weekdays 11:00~16:00, Weekend closing time: 18:00
Regular holiday Mondays