Direct sales store for sea grapes in Nn! “Omoikkiri Umibudo”

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Directly delivered sea grapes from sea in Nanjo

Okinawa speciality sea weed - Sea grapes. They are also called "Green caviars". In this direct store " Omoikkiri Umibudo" sells only big and matched size of sea grapes.

Taste the sea grapes made with many people's warm heart

To provide the sea grapes in their best condition, they keep the sea grapes inside preserving tank that has exact same environment as when they got raised from the sea. Sea grapes you can get in here is fresh everyday.

What else do they have?

In addition to sea grapes, you can get "Sea grapes ice cream" from the freezer inside the shop. It's frozen sea grapes with smooth creamy ice cream. It's a brand new combination of accent of slightly salty and crunchy sea grapes and thick milk ice cream. 350 yen each.

Many products except sea grapes and ice creams

For the other choices, there sell Mozuku-udon noodles and handmade island miso pickles. Most popular miso pickles are the recommendation for souvenirs. Their sweet and salty taste goes well with drinks. Omoikkiri-ji-mami-Tofu is moist and tasty. You can keep them in room temperature for 2 months.

Owner also runs "Uchina-Dining Jinanbo" restaurant

Owner of this "Omoikkiri Umibudo" also runs an Okinawa dining place "Uchina-Dining Jinanbo". It's an old Okinawa house style and can enjoy delicious Okinawa specialities inside. Including sea grapes shabu- shabu, many tasty dishes are available.

Address Okinawa, Naha City, Makishi, 3-9-11 Kakazu Build. 1F
Tell 098‐996‐4993
Business hours 10:00-22:00