“Theatre Doughnuts”-Eat and Drink with a Movie

Food/Drink / Play Central of main island

First Cafe Theatre in Okinawa

It's a cinema and a doughnuts shop at the same time. Usually, Okinawa movies and documentary movies are mainly on air.

Small Entrance and the 2nd Floor

Lobby is a heart warming space using wooden interiors. It is more like cafe or a shop than a cinema.

Hand made doughnuts

Freshly fried doughnuts are lining up in a row in the showcase. These doughnuts are handmade by owner's wife. They will be served to your seat after ordering.

Cafe space

This space can be used for only eating and drinking. Enjoy your relaxing time in the sunshine from the window at the counter seat. You can read comments of the movies by other customers on the wall.

Theatre room like a living room

There are many sofa and tables you can have a rest in plenty of space in the cinema room with 120 inch screen. Watching a movie in such a peaceful atmosphere with tasty doughnuts-what can be better than this?

Address Okinawa City Chuo 1-3-17 2F (Okinawa City Goya Bus Stop)
Tell 070-5401-1072
Nearest bus stop Okinawa City Goya
Business hours 10:30~21:00
Regular holiday No Holidays
Admission fee 1300 yen charge (650 yen for children)