Become beautiful by polishing your skin using “Kyoto Silk”

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Using silk as beauty products

One day, the founder of Kyoto Silk saw her child's back blackening. When she was seeking for a way to make her child's skin become white and soft again, she came up with an idea of using silk. Everything started with her love towards her child.

"Tamanohada" Puff"

This product will remove the stain that cannot be removed by rinsing with hand. The puff helps one to obtain a cleaner and clearer skin and allows cosmetics to cover your skin easier. Kiniuha Butae Tamanohada Puff is a long-selling product popular among customers since Kyoto Silk was founded.

Cosmetic selected by a silk store

As a professional in silk, the store knows all about silk cosmetics. The silk cosmetics will help the customers obtain a clear skin by moisturizing your skin. Please enjoy the silk cosmetics proudly presented by a silk specialty shop.

Popular skin care towel and sponge

Because of the thin and soft fabric of silk, the product prevents the skin from being damaged while removing the stain. By gently removing the old skin, everyone can get a clean and smooth skin. If you care about your body, choose the product that you can feel comfortable using.

Kyoto Silk original Maiko dancer goods

Kyoto Silk also provides original Kyoto goods called "Sakura Sakura Kyoto". The cute design of Maiko dancers and the vivid colors draw customers' attention. These products are highly popular as souvenirs or presents. Please visit the Kyoto Silk, where it brings happiness from bottom of your heart.

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