No.1 Road side station chosen from 1030 other places in Jpan

Shopping Northern Main Island

Do not miss the No.1 Road side station in Japan, Kyoda!

"Road side station Kyoda" is accessible on your way to Churaumi aquarium or Kouri Island. It is remarkably popular road side station in Japan. Please check it out!

Ask everything here! Yambaru Sightseeing Information center

Takahashi san, a popular Okinawa guide will be waiting for you in sightseeing information centre. "Where is the best view spot for the sea?""Which Okinawa soba noodle place shall I go?" He will answer to all the questions so neatly with sense of humor.

Definitely worth trying! Sata-andagi

There is high chance of getting freshly fried Sata andagi for 90 yen each in this popular sata andagi shop Mitsuya. Most popular fried snack "Ryukyu Mitsuya Ball" made with tapioca is known as "Golden Ball" and sold out everyday immediately!

Specialities from 12 cities in Yambaru

In this corner, you can check the specialities from each city and town in one place. Do not miss the awamori corner with 10 awamori companies!

Watermelon all round year

They sell also farm products. Watermelon is Nakijin's speciality. Did you know you can enjoy watermelons from December to the beggining of September in Okinawa?

Address Okinawa, Nago City, Kyoda 17-1
Tell 0980-54-0880
Business hours 8:30~19:00