Eat-round tour in road side station “Itoman Osakana Centre”

Food/Drink / Shopping Southern Main Island

Check out each shops carefully

This is a fish centre with more than 10 fresh fish shop directly managed by Itoman fishermen's cooperative association. Not only fresh fish, but they also sell many products made with seaweeds and fish.

Sashimi parade!

Sashimi assorted on a place of small shell. Reasonable price for about 5 slices for 250 ~ 300 yen! Awabi costs 500 yen. We recommend you the tuna!

Lots of oysters

A big oyster only costs 300 each, 2 for 500 yen. Grilled oyster with sea urchin cream topping is the an exceptionally tasty menu.

Many attractive choices

Grilled shrimps, butter grilled arakabu (marble rockfish), kaisen-don, sushi, fried fish... Each shop has different specialties and it is very difficult to choose what you want to try. All of them are so attractive that makes you want to try all of them if possible.

Matches with rice balls

With fish dishes, rice balls matches perfectly. The rice balls with sea-weed tsukudani is also something you cannot miss!

Address Okinawa, Itoman City, Nishizaki cho 4-19
Tell 098-992-2803
Business hours 10:00〜19:00
Regular holiday New Years Period (Some stores are closed on Mondays)