Don’t forget to take a photo of Habu Daifuku! “Ryukyu Dango-zaemon”

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Cannot miss habu in Okinawa!

This is habu (snakes) , but the tasty habu. The most popular menu in here Ryukyu Dango-zaemon is this "Habu daifuku rice cakes", loved by the local people and the tourists.

How does they look without strawberries?

This cute rice cake habus in goofy smile, with a strawberry inside like a tongue. The strawberries changes to some different fruits (ex.pineapples, tomatoes etc.) depending on the season.

Another popular menu "mitarashi dango"

Of course, other major choices: red rice cake, salt-beans rice cakes etc. Shiny dango sticks with the mitarashi sauce is also very attractive.

Habu daifuku items for souvenirs!

This is their new item "Ma-su Habu daifuku straps". Daifuku rice cakes cannot be kept too long for souvenirs. So let's tell your friends how cute these rice cakes are with this strap!

A comfortable spot in the market

This Ryukyu Dango-zaemon was opened by a market promotion group as a place for everyone to have a rest and sell some sweets people can enjoy while walking. This cute looking habu-daifuku is indeed enjoyed by many people.

Address Naha City, Makishi 3-4-1
Business hours 11:30~17:30 (Approximately)
Regular holiday Non fixed